Monday, October 11, 2010

and tho the rain/ keeps comin down

big pun? remember that shit? classic, man.
i mean, really, if dude was available, at maximum, i would grab him and say, "isn't it wonderful? listen to the rain."
i love it.
at minimum, we would fall asleep as if nothing had happened.
but what's better than fingertips in the rain? standing on the porch, with the noise all around, and quiet in the mind, except for the race race race of the heart, and maybe the eyes, and then the breath,
bam drip
i could stand in silence, hearing a million sounds
and finally once, eternal, your teeth.
your eyes.

infinity will never know your convex blues.

Monday, October 4, 2010


night flights are the only way to go.

I was totally fine on Friday, having slept only 4 hours, at most, on the plane, in the exit row seat (that doesn't recline and doesn't have any foot room, by the way). now i can't rule out the fact that i was really excited to be home and go shopping with my sister (at a mall i am familiar with and has the stores i like!!) and then see everyone the next day, but whatever the extraneous variables were, i still felt awesome when i got in!

in addition, trying to wake up at 4:50 am this morning to catch the early bird return flight did not go well at all. particularly considering the fact that i didn't actually wake up until about 10... Turns out i was really exhausted, after all? Whatever, it was totally worth it. Best weekend ever! if i reasonably could, i wouldn't go back.